This site is dedicated to the reunification of those aircraft maintenance personnel who were stationed at Clark Air Base RP in the mid 70s thru the 80s till the mountain blew up.

Our goal, to get as many of us together as possible for the next annual reunion currently scheduled for sometime in the month of June. Visit the Reunion pages for past reunions and the next one scheduled for the current year. Please visit and provide your contact info (preferably EMail address) in the Guest Book.

By entering your info in the Guest Book, you are agreeing to periodic group mailings of current events relating to this common goal. If at some time in the future you wish to remove your name from this mailing list; respond to the mailing with your instructions to be permanently removed from the mailing list, it will be so, and you will not hear from this site again. Your provided info WILL NOT be sold or shared with anyone outside of this site by me or anyone within this organization. I cannot however, restrict or guaranty what "outsiders" may or may not do.

This site will also serve as the central bulletin board for pictures of the "good times we had" which can be posted for posterity. Any one having pictures they would like to post may scan them and send them to me. If you do not have the capability to scan them, send them to me, I will scan them, post them and return the originals to you (I Promise). Please include a brief explanation of the picture.